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Legacy of the Lightbriner is an adult-themed slow-burn romance with some steaminess. The book series is a dimension-spanning epic fantasy romance, with a snarky heroine that grows into her power. Each book ends on a cliffhanger.

The Creator has left the building, and Lucifer wants back into heaven. In fact, he wants all the planes of existence. The "Arcs", my nickname for the Archangels lined up to stop him claim, I am the prophesied one that can save or dam the universe.

Did I mention last week I was a starving college student, who grew up in the foster care system just trying to get by?

I’m Aria, and I had finally made a bestie, was getting past some of the trauma from my past and generally living a normal life. That is until the greater demon came calling. He killed my best friend and was planning on dragging me to hell.

One month thing, it turns out Lucifer is the father I never knew. Anyway, back to the demon and the dragging back to hell. I was in big trouble until Rael, a cross between a Greek god and a linebacker showed up to save me.

Hold on folks for the ride of your life:

We need to figure out my powers.
Who I really am. 
What this insane connection between Rael and I is all about?
And defeat Lucifer, to save all the planes of existence.


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